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Animal Control Unit
Community Service / Animal Control

P: 847.391.6128
1418 Miner Street
Des Plaines, IL  60016

Office Hours
Monday to Friday
8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Scope and Mission

  • Educate Des Plaines residents on animal-related issues, including but not limited to trapping procedures, local ordinances, and licensing
  • Communicate with the public, animal agencies, animal hospitals, and other local and state departments on matters relating to animals
  • Facilitate safe and humane trapping and removal of nuisance animals

Additional Telephone Numbers for Animal Related Issues:

847.391.6128 To request or inquire about using a live city animal trap, animal ordinances, or other animal related questions
847.391.6128 To report a trapped nuisance animal using a city animal trap before 9:00am Monday through Friday (not including holidays)

To contact Northwest Animal Hospital for more information or questions on having your pet micro-chipped, impounded animals, and the adoption of stray cats or dogs.

*Please note – Cook and State Laws prohibit leaving an animal trapped for more than 24 hours*

Notice to Residents - Feeding of Nuisance Wildlife Prohibited

As the warmer weather is quickly approaching, wildlife activity may be increasing throughout neighborhoods. The Des Plaines Police Department’s Animal Control Division would like to remind residents that the feeding of nuisance wildlife is prohibited within the city.

Specifically, the Des Plaines City Code Section 6-1A-19 entitled Feeding of Nuisance Wildlife Prohibited states:

“It shall be prohibited to feed any nuisance wildlife, whether on private or public property. Nuisance animals include, but are not limited to, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, opossums, fox and coyotes.”

While it is our department’s policy to assist homeowners in Des Plaines with the humane trapping of nuisance animals on their property by providing them with the use of live animal traps, residents should be aware that an animal is considered a nuisance only when it is attempting to burrow or has already burrowed into the foundation of a dwelling. Wild animals that may be on your property or seen in neighborhoods that are feeding in garbage receptacles, digging in lawns, or living under a refuse pile are not considered to be a nuisance as they are not attempting to dig under a foundation.

Generally, wild animals are free to roam throughout neighborhoods and usually will not linger in the area unless they find food or shelter. By not feeding the wildlife, securing garbage can receptacles, and cleaning up yards of debris, wild animals will relocate naturally to other areas in search of food and shelter. Therefore, it is for the common good for all residents within our community to abide by the city code and not to feed the wildlife.

Animal Impounds

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Northwest Animal Hospital
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