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We are proud to present the website for the Des Plaines Fire Department and hope that you take a few moments to view the many pages that make-up the site.  In doing so, it will become clear that the Des Plaines Fire Department not only has a rich history of service to the community for over 100 years, but also represents progressiveness and the utmost in professionalism in emergency response and prevention services. 

Daily, the men and women of the Des Plaines Fire Department demonstrate supreme dedication to the City and its citizens, as well as to the fire and emergency services.  It is because of this dedication, and that of all who have served the organization through the years, that the Des Plaines Fire Department is so highly recognized and regarded.

Since its inception in 1891, the Department has grown to an organization of 97 individuals that function exceptionally well as a cohesive unit to provide vital services to this diverse community. As the emergency services industry has grown, so has the Department.  We now assume an “all-hazards” approach in order to best serve the community.  Therefore, in addition to fighting fires, the organization and our paramedic program is at the pinnacle of Emergency Medical Services as a member of the Northwest Community Emergency Medical Services System.

Also, in keeping with new challenges of the 21st century, and in partnership with our neighboring fire departments, the Department staffs and equips a Hazardous Materials Response Team, a Technical Rescue Team (structural collapses, trench rescues, confined space rescues, and above / below grade rescues), an Underwater Rescue & Recovery Team, and a Fire Investigation Team.

We thank the Mayor, Aldermen, and City Manager for their continued support, which allows us to provide the best services.  We also value our excellent relationships with the other departments in the City, allowing us to work in the context of the larger City team to maximize efficiencies in providing for the needs of the citizens.  Similarly, our mutual aid and automatic aid agreements with our neighboring fire departments, and other regional collaborations, serve to enhance our ability to respond to the wide variety of emergencies that we regularly encounter.  Most of all, we thank you – the members of the public. 

Your support and positive feedback are most welcome, as you are the reason we serve.  It is our intent to continue to exceed your expectations in the services you receive from our organization and its members.

As we move forward, we pledge to stay abreast of new technologies and techniques to further improve services, to seek-out creative solutions to issues that arise, to communicate to the public regarding our activities and how citizens may protect themselves and maintain safety in their daily lives, and to continue to meet our mission to protect life, property and the environment by providing services that make a positive difference every day.