Code of Ethics and Fundraising

The City of Des Plaines would like to share some general guidelines regarding local campaign fundraising activity as it applies to the City's Ethics Code. Recent changes to the guidelines limit the vendors that can make political contributions to the campaign efforts of City Council members and the City Clerk.

Under the new terms, candidates for city office, including sitting City Council members and the City Clerk, as well as their respective political action committees may not accept political contributions from any city contractor or vendor that has done business with the City, meaning any combination of sales, contracts, leases, or purchases to, from, or with the City in excess of one thousand ($1,000) within the current or any of the preceding four years

To better communicate with the public, the City offers a list of contractors and vendors that have received +$1,000 in payment for their services under the terms of the guidelines. These lists are produced from reports generated in the current year and any of the prior four years.

 Vendors Receiving Annual Payments of Over $1,000 for Services
YEAR 2020
 YEAR 2019 YEAR 2018
YEAR 2017
 YEAR 2016  

Please note that the information provided here relates to vendors and contractors.  The recent changes to the Code of Ethics also imposes contribution restrictions on certain subcontractors as well as City appointees and those individuals and entities that have recently done or are seeking to do business with the City in matters that are not captured in these vendor reports.

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