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What Ward Do You Live In?

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The City Council is comprised of ten elected officials: the Mayor, City Clerk and eight Aldermen.  The City is divided into eight wards, with the residents of each ward electing an Alderman to represent the ward.  The Council is the legislative body of the City, setting policy direction and enacting legislation affecting the City. 

Des Plaines residents can easily view their Ward and Precinct Map online from the convenience of their home or business.

Questions? Please call the City Clerk's Office at 847.391.5311.

Ward 1 Precinct Map

Ward 2 Precinct Map 

Ward 3 Precinct Map 

Ward 4 Precinct Map

Ward 5 Precinct Map 

Ward 6 Precinct Map

Ward 7 Precinct Map

Ward 8 Precinct Map