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2017 CIP - Contract B – Project Update 9/5/17

All work is weather dependent. Unknown utility conflicts may cause delays.


The contractor will continue concrete work on the south side of CAMPBELL.

On WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, the contractor will begin the concrete work on the north side of CAMPBELL.  Access to driveways will be closed for a maximum of 14 days in order to construct the new curb, driveway aprons and sidewalks, and allow for concrete curing time. Click the link below for the resident notice.

Campbell – Concrete North Side


The contractor will continue the roadway construction phase on WEST VILLA. As part of this phase, all pavement, all curb, all driveway aprons, and sidewalks indicated in spray paint will be removed. After removing the pavement, curb and sidewalks, the contractor will excavate for the pavement base. Then a new stone base will be placed and graded.


On WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 the contractor will begin the storm sewer installations, repairs and replacements at various locations on construction on FIRST. Click the link below for the resident notice.

FIRST - Storm Sewer Install