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2015 Contract B - Algonquin Road Sewer Project

The contractor is scheduled to resume the Sewer Diversion project on March 6, 2017. They may begin preliminary layout, utility locating, and other preparatory work at any time.

The sewer line will be augered to minimize surface disruption. However, work areas will be established at locations where new manholes will be installed. In order to complete the work, the following items may impact residents:

  • Each work area is approximately 30 feet by 80 feet, and may vary depending on equipment and materials needed. Temporary access will be maintained for driveways. Each work area will be utilized for approximately six to eight weeks.

  • The water main may need to be temporarily shut down at various locations due to the work. Water shut downs will be scheduled in advance and affected residents will be notified accordingly.

  • Several trees at each work area will need to be removed in order to allow for access and safe maneuvering of equipment. New replacement trees will be planted after the project is complete. More information will be available concerning replacement tree species at a later date.

  • Street light poles at each work area will need to be temporarily removed. These will be reinstalled once the work is complete at each location.

  • There will be street and intersection closures at various times and locations. More detailed information concerning work areas, street closures, detour routes and the project schedule will be distributed as the project progresses.

STARTING ON TUESDAY, MARCH 6, the intersection at Andrea Lane and Algonquin Road will be CLOSED TO ALL TRAFFIC. A detour route will be established using Jill Court and Leslie Lane to enter and exit the neighborhood.

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