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2016 Contract A - Construction Update 7/18/16

All work is weather dependent and unknown utility conflicts may cause delays.

On Monday, July 18, the contractor will begin various storm sewer installation and repairs on West Grant. It is anticipated this work will take approximately 10 days.

The contractor will be installing a new storm sewer lines on West Grant at the following locations:

                Hoffman to approximately 100 feet to the south

                Southwest to approximately 150 feet to the north

The contractor will be making repairs and installing new catch basins and laterals at various locations between Southwest and Southeast.

The new storm sewer installation operation typically involves working on a small area at a time, excavating ahead of the pipe installation, installing the pipe, then backfilling the area. The contractor anticipates installing approximately 100 to 200 feet of pipe per day.

The repairs, catch basin and lateral installations will be at spot locations.

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It is anticipated that the construction work on Good Avenue will begin on or about the week of July 25. Click here for additional information related to the Good Avenue improvements.

( West Grant Storm Sewer Installation Information )