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Capital Improvement Projects Update:

Reference:2014 Capital Improvement Project 
 Rear Yard Drainage Improvements - Contract D

 RYD Location at:1828 E. Lincoln Avenue

 Dear Neighbor of Rear Yard Drainage Location:

 You may or may not be affected by the city’s Rear Yard Drainage Improvement work.  This work is tentatively scheduled to begin the week of February 29.  The City’s contractor is Martam Construction Co. and their hours of work are Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. 

 This project includes new storm sewer improvements, miscellaneous sidewalk, curb, and street pavement replacement, and landscape restoration.  These activities may limit the access to your home, but every attempt to minimize these disruptions will be done.  “NO PARKING” signs will be posted along the construction route as necessary.  For your safety, please observe all construction signs and flag persons around the work areas. 

 It is also very important that if you have either a sprinkler system or electronic fence that you notify the city of its existence.  These systems need to be marked prior to the contractor’s work to reduce the chance of it being damaged.

 If you have any questions or concerns related to this project, please contact Jane Johnson at 847.391.5386 or refer to the City of Des Plaines website construction link for related information.

Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated during construction.

Jane Johnson, P.E.
 City of Des Plaines - Resident Engineer