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Community Social Services
The Community Social Workers strive to connect residents with needed resources and services in the community to improve their overall well-being. The community social workers do this in a variety of ways. The case management and advocacy coordinates programs offered by Health and Human Services and/or other social service agencies.

More Information
For additional information on any of these services, please contact the Health and Human Services Department by calling 847-391-5300 or by using the online contact form.

Services include: 
  • Benefits Enrollment Check-Up
    • Benefits Check-Up is a program that helps you find and enroll in public and private benefits programs
    • We can assist you in entering your information to find out what programs you may qualify for
  • Services for seniors and disabled residents
    • Reduced Fare Taxicab Program
      • All residents within the corporate city limit who are 65 or older or disabled are eligible for this reduced fare transportation program
      • Travel must begin or end in the corporate city limits of Des Plaines
      • Will receive a $3.00 discount on taxi rides, will not receive change if the rides costs less than $3.00 
    • File of Life
      • Developed by Holy Family Medical Center, the Des Plaines Fire and Police Departments, and Health and Human Services
      • Provides a form for you to complete with vital information (medical, personal, and insurance) when you are unable to communicate yourself
      • In an emergency, the paramedics would look for the red pouch affixed to the outside of your refrigerator
  • Shoveling driveways and mowing lawns
    • There are a few programs in the area that have affordable lawn care or snow removal service directed towards seniors or people with disabilities
  • Outreach Services
    • Provides social services at off-site locations (connect to Community Outreach Locations) and schedules home visits to isolated or homebound residents providing them with all the services available through both the Health and Services Division and other appropriate social service referrals
    • Apartment and House Fire Calls
      • When appropriate, Health and Human Services staff is present to ensure residents receive appropriate and necessary services as well as follow-up services as needed
    • Paramedic Follow-Up
      • Health and Human Services staff will provide follow-up contacts with residents over the age of 65 and with all residents who have had a critical incident involving the paramedics
      • Staff will assess the resident’s medical and emotional status and offer assistance through available programs
  • Emergency Financial Assistance
    • After an assessment of need has been made, Health and Human Services works with local agencies, the Ministerial Association, local townships, and other resources to attempt to meet those needs of residents and those who are transient

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