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Tax Information
Locally Imposed Taxes
The City collects and administers a variety of locally imposed taxes to fund services provided. The City imposes a tax on hotels / motels, motor fuel, prepared food and beverages, real estate transfers, and telecommunications. The City also imposes a 1% home rule sales tax on the purchase of general merchandise (excluding groceries and licensed vehicles). The home rule sales tax is collected by the Illinois Department of Revenue and remitted to the City.
Rates for the locally imposed taxes are as follows: 
  • Food and Beverage Tax - 1% of taxable sales 
  • Hotel and Motel Tax - 7% of gross receipts, 11% for O’Hare Corridor Hotels 
  • Local Option Gas Tax - $.04 per gallon 
  • Telecommunications Tax - 6% 
  • Sales Tax - 10% (effective January 1, 2016)

The sales tax rate is comprised of the following:



ST - State Sales Tax- States share of state-wide tax 5.00%
MT - Municipal Tax - All municipalities' share of state-wide tax  1.00%
STRTA - Regional Trans. Authority's share of state-wide tax  0.25%
HMR - Municipal Home Rule Sales Tax  1.00%
CHMR - County Home Rule Sales Tax  1.75%
RTA - Regional Transportation Authority Sales Tax  1.00%
Total  10.00%

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