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2014 Solid Waste Collection Contract - Senior Citizen Discount

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1. Who is eligible for the Senior Citizen Discount?
2. When can you apply for the Senior Citizen Discount?
3. What documentation do you need to bring in to qualify for the Senior Citizen Discount?
4. When will the Senior Citizen Discount be applied to the bill?
5. Do I have to apply in person?
6. How much will I save with the Senior Citizen Discount?

After a Flood

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1. Do I Need A Permit?
2. Where can I find information on cleanup and precautions to take when returning to my home after a flood?

CodeRED Emergency Notification System

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1. What is the CodeRED Mass Notification System?
2. How can I sign up to manage how I receive notifications?
3. Will my information from the old system be transferred to the new system?
4. Will my cell phone be included in the system?

Displaying of address on buildings

Media Services

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1. How can I post a community announcement?

Public Works and Engineering

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1. Where can I find current information about the Capital Improvement Program Projects under construction?
2. How do I report a pothole on a City Street?
3. Who do I call about potholes on IDOT state highways?
4. How does the City determine which streets to improve and what type of construction will be done?
5. My sidewalk is cracked but my street is not scheduled for an upcoming project. How can I get this repaired?
6. Are my taxes going to go up with the improvement?
7. My street is scheduled for construction. How will I know exactly what work is going to be done?
8. Who performs the work and whom do I contact if I have a problem?
9. What are the colored flags, paint markings and wood stakes for?
10. Will my garbage collection service be interrupted?
11. Where do I place leaves for collection?
12. When do I need to move my car from my driveway and where do I park?
13. My street is getting a new water main. What if I have problems such as low water pressure or air in the line after the work is complete?
14. How much work will be done in the parkways, and will the City place new sod or seed?
15. The Contractor placed sod and now it is dead. What is the City's policy for replacing dead sod?
16. What if I want extra work done? Does the Contractor do private work?
17. How do I get my property removed from the flood plain?
18. What if I experience flooding in my home and/or basement when it rains?
19. Where can I find information about flood protection and flood insurance rates?
20. Where can I find out if a property is in a flood plain?
21. Where can I locate information regarding the Benchmark System?

Records Division

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1. I need a copy of my report, but I don’t know the report number.
2. Can you fax my report?
3. Why can’t I have a copy of my report?
4. I received a ticket, but I lost it and I don’t know when my court date is.

Des Plaines